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Top 10 Home Gold Melting Kit of 2022 (Beginners Guide)

Category: Arts, Crafts & Sewing | Last Updated: 2021-08-07 by Nishrat Mahrem

The metal melting furnace is adequate to melt gold, silver, or other metals like aluminum, copper, etc., at home. These kilns run on propane gas, or some electric variants are also available in it. In this guide, we have included various home melting kiln options that can quickly fulfill your smelting requirements.
beauty life 0-28lbs(12.8kgs) gas/propane metal melting furnace kit,stainless steel,crucible,tongs kiln,melt gold,silver,copper, aluminum, metal casting furnace,jewelry casting tool,home melting,
1. Beauty Life 0-28LBS(12.8KGS) Gas/Propane Metal Melting Furnace Kit,Stainless Steel,Crucible,Tongs Kiln,Melt Gold,Silver,Copper, Aluminum, Metal Casting Furnace,Jewelry Casting Tool,Home Melting,
This is a 12.8kg Stainless Steel made kiln furnace used to melt precious metals like gold and silver at home. It can be heated up to a temperature of 3272F. The package also includes a graphite Crucible, Kiln Tongs, etc. The furnace runs on propane gas for heating.
beauty life 0-28lbs(12.8kgs) gas/propane melting furnace kit, stainless steel,crucible,tongs kiln,melt gold,silver,copper,aluminum,metal melting furnace,jewelry casting tool,home melting
2. Beauty Life 0-28LBS(12.8KGS) Gas/Propane Melting Furnace Kit, Stainless Steel,Crucible,Tongs Kiln,Melt Gold,Silver,Copper,Aluminum,Metal Melting Furnace,Jewelry Casting Tool,Home Melting
Here is another home metal melting kiln that can melt up to 12.8kg gold at a time. This Stainless-Steel furnace comes with a graphite Crucible, Tongs, fire brick, and more. It can be used to Melt Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, etc., and is powered by propane gas cylinders.
canalhout propane melting furnace kit,6kg home smelting deluxe kit,recycling waste,create unique gifts,melt gold,silver,copper,aluminum and more,metal casting furnace,jewelry casting tool
3. CANALHOUT Propane Melting Furnace Kit,6KG Home Smelting Deluxe Kit,Recycling Waste,Create Unique Gifts,Melt Gold,Silver,Copper,Aluminum and More,Metal Casting Furnace,Jewelry Casting Tool
In this package, you will get a home smelting Kit for melting precious and non-precious metals at home. The furnace runs on propane gas, and it can be heated up to 2552F temperature while the crucible has a capacity of 6kg. The package includes other valuable items like an airflow controller, heating bricks, and more.
toauto 3kg gold melting furnace,1400w 2000f digital electric melting furnace with graphite crucible for melt scrap, silver, gold, copper, aluminum 110v refining casting furnace
4. TOAUTO 3KG Gold Melting Furnace,1400W 2000F Digital Electric Melting Furnace with Graphite Crucible for Melt Scrap, Silver, Gold, Copper, Aluminum 110V Refining Casting Furnace
This is an electric metal smelting furnace with Graphite Crucible for Melting Scrap, Silver, Gold, Copper, Aluminum, and other metals at home. The kiln works upon a 110V supply and can use 1400W energy to melt. The kiln is capable of being heated up to 2000F and comes with all necessary tools.
usa cast master 5 kg deluxe kit propane furnace with crucible and tongs kiln smelting gold silver copper scrap metal recycle 5kg kilogram
5. USA Cast Master 5 KG DELUXE KIT Propane Furnace with Crucible and Tongs Kiln Smelting Gold Silver Copper Scrap Metal Recycle 5KG KILOGRAM
Those who want to recycle some metals or smelt precious metals at home can use this DIY supporting furnace. This operates on gas and can be heated over a temperature of 2200F. The package will contain everything required to start smelting right away except the gas cylinder.
toauto upgraded gold melting furnace, 1+3 kg electric digital melting furnace machine 1900w 2100f pid smelter kiln kit casting refining jewelry precious metals gold silver copper aluminum
6. TOAUTO Upgraded Gold Melting Furnace, 1+3 KG Electric Digital Melting Furnace Machine 1900W 2100F PID Smelter Kiln Kit Casting Refining Jewelry Precious Metals Gold Silver Copper Aluminum
It is another electric metal smelter that comes with Crucible, Tongs, and more items. It is suitable to smelt Gold, Silver, Copper, or Scrap Metals at home. The 5kg crucible is sufficient to melt an adequate amount of metal at a time.
gongyi 6kg propane melting furnace kit stainless steel 304 up to 2600°f/1426°c for metal recycle smelting gold copper aluminum glass jewelry making includes crucible and crucible tongs
7. GONGYI 6KG Propane Melting Furnace Kit Stainless Steel 304 Up to 2600°F/1426°C for Metal Recycle Smelting Gold Copper Aluminum Glass Jewelry Making Includes Crucible and Crucible Tongs
Here is a complete home metal smelting kit with a propane-based Kiln, tongs, goggles, ceramic crucible, and other necessary items. This can be heated up to 2600F, which is sufficient to melt several scape metals, and the crucible has an adequate capacity.
0-28lbs(12.8kgs) gas/propane melting furnace kit, stainless steel,crucible,tongs kiln ,leather gloves, melt gold,silver,copper,aluminum etc.,metal casting furnace,jewelry casting tool,home melting
8. 0-28LBS(12.8KGS) Gas/Propane Melting Furnace Kit, Stainless Steel,CRUCIBLE,TONGS Kiln ,Leather Gloves, Melt Gold,Silver,Copper,Aluminum etc.,Metal Casting Furnace,Jewelry Casting Tool,Home melting
In this package, you will get a Metal Recycle and Smelting furnace with other essentials to begin smelting at home. The furnace operates on propane gas, and it has a 12.8kg capacity ceramic crucible that can be heated to 3272F to melt precious and scrap metals.
gold melting furnace 1150℃ /2102 ℉ electric digital melting furnace machine with graphite, silver, copper and aluminum smelter casting refining kiln tools, 1400w 2kg
9. Gold Melting Furnace 1150℃ /2102 ℉ Electric Digital Melting Furnace Machine with Graphite Crucible.Gold, Silver, Copper and Aluminum Smelter Casting Refining Kiln Tools, 1400W 2KG
This electric gold and metal smelting kiln for home use comes with all items to begin smelting like CRUCIBLE, TONGS, Leather Gloves, etc. In addition, one can Melt Gold, Silver, and other metals like Copper, Aluminum, etc. The digital kiln offers precise control over the temperature.
toauto 6 kg propane melting furnace kit w clay graphite foundry crucible 2700f 1500c kiln smelting jewelry precious metal gold melting casting refining forge set metal recycle
10. TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace Kit w Clay Graphite Foundry Crucible 2700F 1500C Kiln Smelting Jewelry Precious Metal Gold Melting Casting Refining Forge Set Metal Recycle
Here is a premium quality propane melting furnace that can melt gold, silver, and scrap metals at home for casting and other useful purposes. The kiln comes with a 12kg capacity crucible that can melt metals in 20 to 25 minutes.